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Hall of Fame

These students have earned a Level 5, the highest you can earn, on the MAAP (Mississippi Academic Assessment Program) in either Math, ELA (English Language Arts) or both. Their posters will hang in our school every year as an inspiration to the students who follow them. Congratulations on your hard work and success!
Visit our PHOTO GALLERY to see the pictures of all of these hard working students! 
Braylyn Belcher - ELA
Jelainy Guerrero-Cedeno - ELA
Soren Gray - Math & ELA
Ethan Harrison - ELA
Addy Hasty - Math & ELA
Maddox Huddleston - Math
Hadley Larsen - ELA
Niko Salvador - ELA
Jonathan Shelby - ELA
Grayson Stafford - Math & ELA
Eli Wells - Math
Travis White - ELA
Jordan Biggs - Math
Baileigh Craig - Math
Jayden Hanford - Math
Addy Hasty - ELA
Soren Gray - ELA & Math
Ashlee Richards - ELA
Nydializ Rosas - ELA & Math
Ashlee Richards - ELA & Math
Steven Rodriguez - Math
Lucy Hartman - Math
Yasmine Lee - Math
Jamerius Holliday - Math
Kendall McMahan - Math 
Lauryn Perry - Math